This course will be introductory in nature and will take a practical approach to the subject involving considering and discussing realistic scenarios.

This course covers

  • A broad look at how Data Privacy laws impact the day to day activities of organisations in the voluntary sector that provide advice and support to members of the public
  • What we mean by ‘personal data’ and the different ways organisations use it to provide services.
  • The main responsibilities and risks that arise as a result of handling that personal data, and how these can be managed by implementing/following the right policies, processes and practices.

By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Identify the main categories of personal data
  • Demonstrate awareness of the 8 Principles of Data Protection
  • Recognise a subject access request and know generally what kind of response is required
  • Understand the importance of informed consent when gathering and processing personal data.
  • Appreciate the necessity for data security and client confidentiality
  • Know what resources are available for getting advice and support in handling personal data

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