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Universal Credit in Dorset – Let’s Talk! tomorrow, 8 June 2018

It may be too late for you to get to this event – though nearly 80 people have booked, indicating the importance of this topic for many of us. We will make presentations and information available after the event.

Ward Goodman charity conference

Thursday 5 July, Queen Elizabeth School, Wimborne. Book here

Job Opportunities in local Citizens Advice offices

There are currently no job opportunities available.

For Volunteering opportunities find your local Citizens Advice office here

News and Useful Information

Carers Week 11th to 17th June

Carers Week is an annual campaign to raise awareness of caring, highlight the challenges carers face and recognise the contribution they make to families and communities throughout the UK.

This Carers Week we are looking at all the ways we can support carers to stay Healthy and Connected. Building communities which support carers to look after their loved ones well, while recognising that they are individuals with health and wellbeing needs of their own.

The campaign is brought to life by the individuals and organisations who come together to organise activities and events throughout the UK, drawing attention to just how important caring is.  Add your event to the Carers Week website here

You can find details of some of the events happening here

Bournemouth CVS and Poole CVS  are holding another heavily subsidised training event at Kinson Community Centre on 4th July from FSI offering small and local charities and community groups three workshops on key fundraising skills: 

Develop Your Fundraising Strategy10.00 am – 11.30 pm

A comprehensive and effective fundraising strategy is at the core of sustainability for any charity.  This workshop will help you to consider a variety of fundraising options and consider their appropriateness for your cause, organisation and both short- and long-term needs.

Developing Your Earned Income – Enterprise Your Mission11.45 am – 1.15 pm

It is increasingly important in today’s economic climate to maximise all opportunities that you have to raise income.  Have you considered enterprising your mission? This workshop will help you to look at new ways of funding programmes and exploring earned income opportunities for your charity.

Developing Corporate Relationships – 2.00 pm – 3.30 pm

With £1.8 billion total from private sector moving to the voluntary sector, corporate fundraising has many opportunities for the charity sector.  This workshop has been designed to help you and your charity understand the opportunities for engaging and working with companies.

Places will fill up fast, so book your place today to access this fantastic training opportunity here

Other Events and Training

Borough of Poole – Social Care Learning and Development Team have courses available for a small fee or for free, all bookings must be made via the CPD Online/Poole Workforce Development site here:

12 June 2018 Safeguarding Adults for Managers of Provider Services Update 1-day Safeguarding Adults for Managers of Provider Services must be attended first (this update is required after 3 years.

Bournemouth CVS is offering training on Being a Charity Trustee on 18th June, more details here

Research and Reports

Practical Equality Rights in Welfare Benefit Advice: A quick guide

A useful guide to common everyday discriminatory situations within the welfare benefits system,  how the law can help, and options for further help and referrals. Read more here

Funding Opportunities

The TDS Foundation fund projects  to promote knowledge of Landords’ obligations OR  Tenants’ rights and responsibilities. Read more here

The Woodward Charitable Trust make small grants to organisations working with children facing exclusion, disabled people,  prisoners, and for community cohesion work Read more here

Open Reach Community Fibre Partnership: “This is an exclusive grant that’s available to communities whose Openreach co-funded fibre infrastructure serves a school or registered charity that doesn’t has speeds of less than 30Mbps.” Read more here

Illegal Money Lending Team -Stop Loan Sharks: 2018/19 grant round now open for grants of up to £5,000 to raise awareness of Load Sharks.  Details and application form: Stop Loan Sharks Community Fund application form – 2018.-2019 V2 this funding is only available until 30th June 2018.

The Macdougall Trust, as you’ll have read in previous editions,  can award grants of up to &250 (£350 under exceptional circumstances) mainly for household or essential items. They are not able to pay off debts. Applications need to be supported by an adviser or other frontline worker, and payment cannot be made directly to the applicants, so your organisation needs to be able to accept and disburse monies on behalf of clients. If required, they can write cheques to Argos and Dorset Reclaim.

They have now updated their application form:   Here