Welcome to the Advice Dorset Partnership E-News bulletin. The bulletin is circulated every two weeks and will bring you news and information relating the advice sector in Bournemouth, Dorset and Poole. If you would like to send anything out via the bulletin, please send it to me at bryony@caidorset.org.uk.

Advice Dorset Partnership

The Advice Dorset Partnership steering group met at the end of May and agreed to form three working groups to focus on different areas:

  • Accessibility of advice
  • Brand and communications
  • Being proactive and preventative

If you are interested in being part of one or more of the working groups, please contact Caroline for more information.

News and Useful Information

  • Free Training from Relate with Best Training – Relate are in conversation with Best Training to take up some free training in the following subject areas. The only criteria are that the staff must be employed to work in Dorset, there is a short English and maths assessment for each learner- and a couple of forms to complete.If we can find more candidates we will be able to put the courses on in Poundbury. If you are interested in any of the courses, please contact us at centre.manager@relatedorset.org.uk with indicative numbers by 20th June then we can firm up on some dates (likely to be July – October 2017). Potential courses are:
    •  Award in Food Safety in catering
    • Customer service to challenging clients
    • Build Support and manage a team
    • Understanding/managing  stress
    • Planning for change
    • Crisis management
    • First Aid work (Refresher)
  • Postcode checker for Universal Credit – check whether Universal Credit has rolled out in your area
  • Universal Credit and self employment – guidance from revenuebenefits.org.uk,  a partnership between the Low Incomes Tax Reform Group and Lasa

Events and Training

  • Bite Sized Training:Develop A Robust Business Plan For Your Organisation – Thursday 20th July 2017, Chickerell
  • Bite Sized Training: Sustainable Funding – Tuesday 18th July 2017, West Parley
  • Bite Sized Training: Developing A Robust Business Plan For Your Organisation – Wednesday 19th July 2017, Blandford
  • Community Networking Opportunity – Thursday 20th July 2017, Christchurch
  • Criminal Justice Forum – Tuesday 4th July 2017, Bournemouth

Research & Reports

  • Age UK Loneliness heat map – an interactive map showing the relative risk of loneliness across neighbourhoods in England
  • Poverty and Child Health – a report from CPAG and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health looking at the impact of poverty on children’s health
  • Offline and shut out – digital exclusion in an increasingly digital landscape – a report from Christians against Poverty