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The Advice Dorset Partnership covers the geographical / historical county of Dorset, and is circulated every fortnight, to bring you news and information relating to the advice sector in Dorset and Bournemouth Christchurch and Poole. The Partnership is supported by Citizens Advice in Dorset (CAiD). 

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Please note the next edition will come out on Thursday 9 January 2020 so meanwhile good wishes to you all for the Christmas break.


CAN are organising a Volunteer Fair at the Eco Hub, Poole Dolphin Shopping Centre, BH15 1SZ on 15th and 16th January 2020 from 10am to 3 pm. Do you want to have a stand to promote the work that you do and the volunteering opportunities that you have available? A stand is free…however you will need to bring your own table and are encouraged to promote the event through your own channels – social media, newsletters etc. If you are interested return the booking form below by Friday 13th December – please specify which day you would prefer as initially offer will be one day per charity. Amy Collins, Volunteering Development Lead.

Tel:  01202 466130Mobile: 07971 182166 amy.collins@can100.org

Job opportunities

Citizens Advice BCP: Financial Wellbeing Caseworker. Fixed term to 31/3/2020; based in Poole – 2 days/week, for more info follow this link: https://www.citizensadvicebcp.org.uk/about-us/work-for-us/

News and useful information

Mediation Dorset offer community mediations via referrals from Housing Associations. The leaflet below has details of the offer to Housing Associations and the fees charged. NB for private mediations (where people self-refer) there is not a fixed fee but donations are welcomed. Also below you will find a typical case study of a situation resolved by mediation.

Mr X  and Miss Y are social housing tenants,  neighbours on a small estate. Miss Y has a camper van and this is often parked to slightly obstruct Mr X’s exit from his property, which – as he is disabled and parks next to his house – he finds very irritating. They have had a number of arguments about it and when Mr X complained recently Miss Y accused him of scratching the front of her van when he drove out recently, which he denies stating that the van was already covered with bumps…….not surprisingly, they are no longer on speaking terms.
Mr Y contacted Mediation Dorset to request Mediation; the administrator contacted Miss Y, who agreed to give it a try. The process was then set in motion; it started with the Mediators talking to both Mr X and Miss Y individually, after which they were brought together; initially the atmosphere was frosty but when they were both enabled to state their case, and encouraged to say what they would like to happen in order to improve things, some common ground was found, and a resolution  was achieved. They are now back on speaking terms!
Mr X’s health is poor and he was feeling increasingly stressed by the situation; Miss Y had been complaining to the housing association and trying to get them to move her. The preventative value of the mediated solution is clear, both in personal terms for the individuals involved, and for savings to other agencies.

For more information: http://mediationdorset.co.uk/


Royal Voluntary Service – Home Library Service: We can deliver books for free to people who enjoy reading but are unable to get to their local library due to poor health or mobility. We offer a wide range of fiction and books on country life, cookery, travel, biography and other popular subjects, as well as information leaflets. Large print books, audio books and e-books are also available and visits are usually every three weeks. For more information 01305 236666 (for all of Dorset and BCP Council area), e-mail dorsetwiltshirehub@royalvoluntaryservice.org.uk

Wessex Water Partnerhub: read the latest news and updates, including: Pension Credit discounts, winter campaigns and a report on projects targeting the ‘hard to reach’: https://partnerhub.wessexwater.co.uk/

The Benefits Training Company’s December news round-up can be found here: https://www.benefitstraining.co.uk/news

Tax Help for Older People’s December Tax Tips is a timely reminder of how to do an on-line self assessment tax return, as the deadline of 31 January 2020 is not really that far off…..!


Energy and Money Saving: Free training is available for front line workers and those working in the community to help households who may be facing difficulty in heating their homes.  Heating costs in winter can be a real challenge for many people and the training will look at ways to overcome this and help them to keep warm.

The training is aimed at anyone who encounters households, either face to face or by telephone, who are in or at risk of fuel poverty i.e those on a low income / in a vulnerable situation and may be struggling to pay their energy bills. The training will enable staff to identify how best to help those clients and where to signpost them for additional support. Please contact Kate Pryce for more information or to book. Training is available across Dorset.
01929 508230 or psr@purbeck.cabnet.org.uk

Mental Capacity Act training courses: 9 January (Wimborne), 13 February (Dorchester), 10 March (Wareham), all 9.30 – 1, £30. The course is provided by Dorset Council and includes:

  • the process of assessing capacity and the thresholds for decisions
  • practical skills needed to assess capacity
  • appropriate record keeping
  • the process of making Best Interest Decisions

More information: https://www.dorsetcouncil.gov.uk/education-and-training/training/general-adult-services/mca-for-ivp.aspx

Research & Reports

Home deliveries aren’t working for disabled people: This report from Citizens Advice highlights the problems disabled people can experience with parcels because they can’t tell delivery companies about their accessibility needs in a simple way. Without this information, delivery drivers can’t make the reasonable adjustments they need to. There are suggestions for ways to improve things, read more: https://wearecitizensadvice.org.uk/home-deliveries-arent-working-for-disabled-people-9551708e0d6d


Greggs Foundation – local community projects: The Fund aims to improve resilience within communities by helping locally based organisations to deliver projects or provide equipment to people in need in the community, which they would not otherwise be able to afford to do. All projects must support a community of interest, ie people who are:

  • Disabled or suffering chronic illness.
  • Living in poverty.
  • Voluntary carers.
  • Homeless.
  • Isolated older people.
  • Other demonstrable significant need.

Grants of up to £2k. Closing date: 23 February 2020.

Read more: https://www.greggsfoundation.org.uk/grants/local-community-projects-fund