What is the Dorset Advice Strategy 2016-21?

In 2015, Citizens Advice in Dorset were commissioned by Dorset County Council to produce an Advice Strategy looking at the best way to meet people’s information and advice needs over the next 5 years.

The Strategy explores national trends and the local environment, setting these within the context of the continuing impact of ‘austerity’ on both advice needs and service provision.

Key to delivering quality advice available ‘at the right time, in the right place, and in a way that best meets a person’s needs’ is building a strong advice sector that works together effectively. The full strategy and accompanying papers can be seen on the Citizens Advice in Dorset website below.

The Strategy set out 5 key outcomes for our work:

  1. An increase in the number of people accessing the right advice when they need it
  2. A reduction in people reaching crisis point
  3. An end to ‘wrong door syndrome’ – all users will get the advice they need
  4. A joined up advice service and sector with all partners maximising their ability to participate and contribute
  5. Sustainable and transparent funding processes, embedding accountability and value for money

Dorset Advice Strategy SEPT 2015

Appendix 1 Background Information and Supporting Evidence

Appendix 2 Questionnaire and Participants

Appendix 3 SWOT Analysis and Priorities

Appendix 4(a) Customer Journey Map CAB examples 2014

Appendix 4(b) Improved customer journey