Type Description Examples Fee for ADP+ members* Fee for non-members*
Type 0 Briefing

No payment for tutor

Promotion of a specific service

Dorset Advocacy briefing

Royal British Legion Briefing

£5 £10
Type 1 Overview / basic introduction

Normally ½ day

Introduction to Welfare Benefits

Financial Capability basics

£27 £60
Type 2a More detailed training/complex subject area

Normally 1 day

Low cost trainer

Fuel debt advice (NEA) £27 £60
Type 2b More detailed training / complex subject area

Normally 1 day


Universal Credit

Benefits & Mental Health

£80 £165
Type 3 Very specialist training

High cost trainer

Mental Health Awareness delivered by MIND Indicative price £100 – £150 Indicative price £200 – £300
*There may be occasions where the fee structure may vary due to the nature and cost of a course