The Advice Dorset Partnership provides a programme of events and training available locally at reasonable cost to Advice Dorset Partnership Plus members and non-members. Costs for the events and training are here.


This forum is suitable for staff whose role is solely providing benefits advice to a range of clients, including specialist appeals and tribunals


For staff who provide welfare benefits advice as part of their role (e.g. social worker, carers support worker, recovery worker (mental health)

The main focus of this meeting will be on the roll-out of Universal Credit

Welfare benefits for people with mental health problems

Course Outline

This course is a practical overview for benefits advisers working with people with mental health problems. It will cover:

  • Awareness of mental health common diagnoses, symptoms and treatments
  • Applying for PIP and ESA in a mental health context
  • Relapses with mental health – the impact of claims and appeals on individuals